PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a Professional Accounting Business, registered with South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA). We are accredited by the Accounting Technicians South Africa- AT (SA), an affiliate of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants – SAICA.

PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a 90% female black-owned and 10% youth owned entity. Founded by Zame Mthyiane, the business started operations in 2004 as a Sole Proprietor and was registered in 2012 as a (Pty) Ltd.

Core Services Offered

Since the inception of PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd these core services were offered:

  • Bookkeeping; Accounting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Payroll Management
  • Financial literacy training, and
  • Mentorship offered to entrepreneurs

Applications are open now for our Accounting Technician course

Creating a Generation of Financial Administrators

PZ Consulting CEO, Zamekile Mthiyane realised, after 14 years in the industry that they needed to adjust their focus and mentor and train what she calls “Financial Administrators” – the next generation of bookkeeping, financial and accounting personnel.

She says: “Having been in the Industry for the past 14 years we have realised that PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd.’s clients were growing and because of this, in their growth, it became hard to meet all their needs.

We identified that our clients needed full-time internal staff to process their day to day financial transactions, analyse the reports, and be the right-hand person for the entrepreneur, especially as far as documentation and tax issues are concerned.

Because of the changing financial and legislative environment in South Africa this task of taking care of the financial and administrative needs for a small business requires more skills and knowledge than those of a traditional bookkeeper.”

PZ Consulting then came up with the term “FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR” for this essential staff member that a growing and scaling SME requires.

Our Clients Agree

This concept was warmly received by our clients, and as a result, the majority of our clients have taken the option of employing Financial Administrators that are mentored by PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

The rest of our clients have remained with the existing arrangement and are still being serviced by PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Creating the position of Financial Administrator has created an opportunity for us to partner with young and aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to offer bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance and payroll services at an affordable rate to small and micro businesses.

We refer to these young and aspiring entrepreneurs who are running start-ups and small businesses Accounting Entrepreneurs.

In light of this, it became necessary for PZ Consulting (Pty) Ltd to become a training centre that offers qualifications that are relevant to the market that the Accounting Entrepreneurs and Financial Administrators will be servicing.